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Certified Training

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• We have B.A.T. certified schools located in Denver, Colorado Springs,and Loveland.

• The program is jointly managed by the J.A.T.C. a committee composed of four Union representatives and four SMACNA representatives. Policy, curriculum and dsiciplinary decisions are made by labor and management.

• The new Denver Training facility is equipped with a certified TAB lab, CWI, extensive service lab, fully equipped shop lab, and AutoCAD lab. Here the apprentice and journeyman has the ability to learn every facet of the industry.

• Our apprentices receive five years of instruction combined with jobsite experiences that produces highly skilled journeymen.

• The union offers programs in T.A.B., Service, Layout, CAD, Foreman Training, Welding, Safety, and much more.

• Our instructors are working members of the union who know what the needs of the contractor are. The primary focus of each instructor is to train apprentices to be productive journeymen.

• Each instructor goes through training courses run by the International Training Institute and Ohio State University. These courses are designed to keep the instructors current with the ever changing needs of the HVAC industry. Additionally all instructors receive training in effective teaching techniques.

• You realize the benefits of this training by employing people with high skill levels and the good work ethic taught through the apprentice program.

• You do not need to spend any time to set up or put on the classes.