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The application will be considered complete only when Items 1 through 6 are received at the Training Office.

1. Application Form: All items completed in ink, signed, and dated.

2. Birth Certificate: If you cannot locate your Birth Certificate, contact the County Court House of your birth and have a duplicate made.

3. High School Diploma or G.E.D. Certificate.

4. Transcripts of High School Credits
: Call or write your High School and have your transcripts sent directly to the Training Office. If you have a G.E.D. you must also provide High School transcripts and G.E.D. scores received.

5. Proof of Additional Training or Education: Same as #3 and #4.

6. Copy of Military Discharge Form (DD214): If applicable.

Items and requirements 1 through 6 will be the minimum data required for a completed application. All application items and requirements must be submitted and/or met within 30 DAYS of the date you apply. Applications not completed as required will not be considered. If your application is not complete within the 30-day deadline, you must wait 60 days to make a new application.

When the applicant has completed the application, a date and time for the Oral Interview will be established. All applicants who have turned in all required paperwork,  will be notified by mail of the date and time of their interview. The interview will have a maximum of seventy (70) possible points.

Those applicants who achieve a total score of at least seventy (70) points after the interview will have their name added to the list of applicants eligible to be indentured as Apprentices. (High score being No. 1 on the list, second highest score being No. 2, etc.) Qualified applicants are eligible to work as Pre-Apprentices for one year or until such time as they are indentured as apprentices. Upon Indenture, Applicants may be referred by name for continued employment as an Apprentice by a contributing contractor.

Applicants who do not achieve a total score of seventy (70) will be notified that they are no longer eligible to work as Pre-Apprentices, and will not be considered for the Apprenticeship Program.

Applicants who do not qualify for the Apprenticeship Program may contact a counselor at the Job Service Center for assistance in determining what type of job they have the most aptitude to succeed in.